Vodafone S5 VTS - Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

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The Vodafone Protect & Connect S5VTS is a Thatcham S5 vehicle tracking system, the new standard for insurance approved Tracking systems

In the event of the vehicle being driven without the ADR tag present, with an unauthorised or cloned key, an alert will be sent to Vodafone Automotive’s Secure Operating Centre. (SOC)

An advisor will then attempt to contact you on the numbers supplied at the time of registration.

The S5 VTS incorporates all of features listed below

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
    Alerts Vodafone Automotive immediately if your vehicle is stolen, even if the thief has your keys.
  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking
    Accurate to within 10 metres.
  • European Coverage as Standard
    Local language Police liaison and recovery across 52 European countries.
  • Insurance Approved
    Approved by major insurers.
  • Tow-Away Alert
    Triggered when motion is detected with the ignition switched off.
  • Theft History
    In the event of a theft, our minute by minute theft tracking helps the Police secure convictions.
  • International GSM Coverage
    Roaming SIM card gives coverage across more than 180 countries.
  • Tamper Alert
    Activated when the system battery is disconnected or discharged, or when the system wiring is cut.
  • System Health Check
    Regular automatic self diagnostic check.
  • Special Modes
    Activate Garage Mode or Transport Mode at the click of a button.

Includes First First Subscription.